Astral Body – The Body of Emotions; Its Composition and structure

Just as we have a physical body, we too have an astral body for the astral world. The astral world is also said to be a 4 dimension world.

Here we need to understand that this astral matter (of the astral world) is way finer than the physical atom. Hence astral matter interpenetrates the physical atom. Astral matter is like a sea that surrounds and fills the physical atom. It is a known fact that even in the hardest substance, no two-atom touches each other. In fact, the spaces between the two adjacent atoms are enormously bigger than the atom themselves. This makes astral matter to travel freely between the atoms without any restriction.

Interestingly the physical world and the astral world occupy the same space, yet each one is completely unconscious of other. It is very important for us to understand this concept. Otherwise, it will difficult to understand other phenomena of other worlds.

Thus the difference between in physical world and the astral world is nature and not space or location.

Astral Body
Astral Body with 99% percent of astral matter is around the periphery of the physical body.

The matter of the physical body has a very strong attraction to the matter of the astral body. As we can see in the above image, 99 percent of astral matter is around the periphery of the physical body and only about 1 percent is spread throughout the astral aura.

There are seven grades of astral matter in the astral world, varying in the degree of finesse. Number 1 will be the finest and number 7 will be the coarsest. This is very similar to our physical world which is made up of seven grades of matter such as Solid (Number 7; coarsest), Liquid, Gaseous, Etheric, Super Etheric, Sub-atomic and Atomic (Number 1; Finest). We don’t have any names for the different grades of a matter of this astral body.

A specific grade of a physical atom will attract the corresponding grade of astral matter. For example, a Solid grade of the physical atom from the physical world will attract the same grade of astral matter from the astral world.

Our Astral Body comprises all the seven grades of astral matter, though in different proportions. The astral body which extends beyond the physical body is often termed as Astral Aura. In an undeveloped man, the astral body is cloudy, loosely organized, and its astral matters are predominantly from lower astral grade matter. And astral aura extends 10 to 12 inches beyond the physical body.

In an average human, astral body extends around 18 inches beyond the physical body. And the body will have a luminous glow.

In the case of spiritually developed man, his astral body extends miles beyond his body and his astral body is mainly made up of the finest astral matter.

Therefore luminosity, size, and clarity of an astral body depend on the development of a person. Higher the development; greater will be the size, luminosity, and clarity. It is said that the astral aura of the Buddha was around 3 miles in radius, having luminosity and clarity like a pure diamond.

In the following blogs, we will understand more about the astral world and its interactions with our astral and physical bodies.

Source – The Astral Body by A.E. Powell


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