Chakra Anatomy – Little-known Hallucinations fact and atomic web

Before we talk about hallucinations, let us discuss the chakra anatomy first.

Chakra looks like pointed petals of a lotus flower. As the chakra rotates, it creates an illusion of round disk. This is the reason why many Chinese and Sanskrit books on yoga represent chakra as a lotus flower with many pointed petals.

Chakra can be divided into two parts.

  • Inner layer
  • Outer layer.
Inner and Outer layer of Chakra rotating in opposite direction alternately

Inner and out layer of chakra rotates in opposite direction alternately as energy enters in the chakra. In the above picture, on careful observation one can identify and differentiate between inner and outer layer.

Types of Energy that enters in Chakra

  • Prana – Vitality which energizes our physical body.
  • Astral Energy – This energy comes from our astral body. This builds the bridge between our physical body and our astral body.

Energy enters in chakra at the angle of 90 degree, making energy entrance perpendicular to the chakra. This makes chakra to rotate.

Atomic web or Protective web

Now, as we know that even energy from the astral world can enter in our chakra. But, all types of astral energy can not enter; only a limited type of energy can enter in our chakra. This is because of an atomic web.

Chakra Anatomy with Atomic web

Atomic web is like a security guard which allows only certain energy type to pass through.

Now, our astral bodies are part of the astral world which is a 4th-dimensional world. We will learn more about this world in the astral category of this website. But here we need to understand, the astral world has many other entities just like we have different types of living beings here. Not all the entities are good; some negative entities can have a severe negative impact on our body and psychology. Up to the extent that, this negative entity or energy can make us do things that we won’t do otherwise. Therefore the atomic web or Protective web plays a very important role in protecting us from such entities.

In certain case this atomic web can get damage. Like

  • Emotional shock. For example Fear, Wrath.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Narcotic drugs. For example tobacco, Cocaine.
  • Improper mediation practices.

When the atomic web damages, it breaks or creates big holes in our atomic web. As a result, all kinds of astral entities starts entering in our body or we can see the astral entities and astral world. Often we term these experiences as a hallucination; where we see or hear things which others can’t see or hear.

Hallucination can get scary as the person who is experiencing it is not developed enough and can’t even understand why or what he is seeing it.

In the Holy Bible, there are many cases of patients with severe psychological ailments that were healed by exorcism or removal of negative elementals.

Clairvoyant or people who are highly developed have the ability to open and close the atomic web at their will. They open the web to see or communicate with the astral world and then close it back at their will. They have developed enough to see the negative entities without any fear and are strong enough to stop negative entities from overpowering them.

Therefore it is recommended that let these physic powers come to us naturally as we evolve. And yes we can speed up our evolution process with the help of the Guru’s who can guide us with Spiritual practices. We can also develop the only physical ability and, we can see and interact with the astral world. However, we might not have enough strength to protect ourselves from negative elements and their negative influences on us. Hence we must strive for balances with the overall development.


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