God’s Hierarchy 

Did you know that God too have an office and in that office they do have the Hierarchy?

This blog is all about the description of these hierarchy and their functions in the office.

There are innumerable universe’s and in each universe there are countless solar systems. Each solar system is the expression of mighty Being, whom we call as the God ,the Logos, the Solar Deity. He is what we all mean by God.

On the higher side of His life we know nothing about Him nor our tiny brain is capable of understanding Him. But as He uses fraction of His energies as Himself to energize the whole system (System mean our solar system) we may know something about Him in the lower level of His manifestation.

We may not see Him but we may see His powers at work. No one who is clairvoyant can be atheistic. We do not know His true nature nor we are developed enough to understands Him. But whenever He puts Himself down into the condition which are in our reach to understand, His manifestation is always three fold. That is the reason most of the religion imagined Him as a Trinity. Three yet fundamentally one. Three person (person means mask) yet one God. Showing Himself in three aspects. These three are facets of himself.

God’s Hierarchy

Trinity in Christianity

  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Spirit 

Trinity in Hinduism

  • Brahama
  • Vishnu
  • Shiva

Next below the Solar Deity, God comes His Seven Ministers sometime call as the Planetary Spirits. The relation between God and Seven Ministers is like what we have relation between our Brain and Nerve centre. All the evaluations or energies of God come through these Minister.

Under the Ministers come the vast number of Spiritual Being whom we call as the Angels and Deva-s. We do not yet know all the functions which they full fill in different parts of this wonderful scheme. But we find the connection between the building of system and life within in.

To know the functions of God’s office. Follow our next blog. 



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