God’s Office and His Departments

As we have seen in God’s Hierarchy regarding the God’s organizational structure, here we will understand His Departments and its functions.

Here in our world (Earth), there is a great official who represents solar deity and He is in charge of all the evaluation that take place on this planet.

Under Him comes various ministers taking charge of different departments.

  • One department deals with the evolution of the different root-race of humanity.
  • Another department deals with the religion and education. From this department all the greatest Teachers of history have come. At times the Official at the head of department comes Himself or sends one of His pupils to find a new religion whenever he feels there is the need of it.

All the religion contains statement of Truths and fundamentally the Truth has been always the same.

The presentation and form of the Truth has been varied because of the difference in the people to whom it was given. Civilization and different degree of evaluations that people had obtained were the reason to present the same Truth in different form and presentation.   

Above all the Truth always remain same and the source from which it comes also remains the same. It is foolish that the people fights over the superiority of their religion. For instance students fighting over the superiority of their subjects stating Maths is more important than physics or chemistry is more important than biology or business studies is more important than arts. All the subjects are taught by same school with definate purpose.


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