The Mental Body

The mental body is a vehicle similar to a physical body and astral body, where a man manifest intellect, memory and imagination. It is this vehicle which separates the man from the rest of the animal kingdom. For instance, a man posses anger, frustration, emotions just like an animal, but it is his mind that separated him from the rest of the other. The mental word is also believed to be the 5th dimension in our science language.

The vehicle can be divided into two distinct portions

  • Mental Body.
  • Causal Body.

Mental Body – It is a body, where concrete thoughts emerge. Thoughts which we can touch or feel or which has a distinct form. For example book, house etc.

Casual Body – It’s a body, where abstract thoughts emerge. Objects or thoughts which we can not touch or feel or it’s formless. For example Maths, Spirituality.

It should be noted that the terms form or formless are not used in an absolute term but are used in relative sense. For instance, cloud or flame possess a form, but they are formless when compared, to say, a house or wood.

Surprisingly we believed that it’s our physical brain that does all the thinking process. But it’s our mental body that does the process and passes the information to our physical brain.

We will be studying the effects of the thoughts on our physical body and also the effects of the physical body to our thoughts.

We will also be studying how thought emerges and how it impacts our life in our upcoming blogs.

{Source – The Mental body by A.E.Powell}


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