What is a Chakra or Energy centre?

Chakra are found in the etheric body and they are located quarter inch outside the body. They are also called energy centers. Hence we can use both the words (Chakra and Energy center) interchangeably.

Chakra rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise; with the average size of 2 to 6 inches in diameter. The size and brightness of a chakra depend on the development of the person. Advanced yogis or saints can have a size of about 18 inches whereas super persons can have up to 2 meters or more.

Chakra rotating clock wise and anti-clockwise

According to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (Founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga) we have 12 chakras in our bodies. We will be studying each chakra in detail in our blogs.

Function of Chakra

  1. It absorbs and distributes the vitality (Prana) to the body.
  2. It brings down the consciousness from the astral center (4th dimension).

Chakra’s act as a bridge or a link between our physical body and astral body. When we sleep we often have astral experiences. However, due to the weak link between our physical and astral bodies, we fail to register those experiences. In short, we don’t remember any such experiences when we wake up.

Each chakra has a corresponding physical, emotional and phycological effects on our body. If a chakra malfunctions, we can see the corresponding effect on our physical body and emotions. Therefore certain meditation and yogic practices cleanse and energize our energy center; keeping us healthy and active.  We will not be studying any mediation practice on this website as it out of the scope of this website but you can find a lots of reputed schools that can help and guide you with the proper meditation practices.

Each energy center also has its respective acupressure points in our body. By working with specific acupressure point we can energize respective energy center. 

Understand the energy center anatomy in our next blog.

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