What is Aura?


We know that man possesses several bodies or vehicles through which he expresses himself on various planes of nature like physical, astral, mental and so forth.

And under physical plane (that’s our 3 Dimension world) we have different levels depending on their density. Different levels with their order of density are as follows

  • Atomic
  • Sub-Atomic
  • Super – Etheric
  • Etheric
  • Gaseous
  • Liquid
  • Solid

Our science has well experimented on the lower three levels of the physical plane that is Gaseous, Liquid and Solid. The upper four levels are invisible to human eye and we cannot experiment or explore those levels with today’s available technology.

Aura is made from upper four levels of matter and hence we cannot see it. Every solid, liquid and gaseous particle of the body is surrounded by an aura. Aura is composed of different level of etheric matter but the proportion of these matter vary greatly and they are determined by several factor such as race, type of men, karma etc.

For example a man who is into a deep spiritual pursuit or highly evolved will have his aura mainly composed of Atomic and Sub-atomic matter.

There are two main functions of an aura.

  1. It absorbs Prana or Vitality and distribute this into whole physical body.
  2. It acts as bridge between physical body (3rd Dimension world) and astral body (4th Dimension World). 

We will understand the functions of aura in great detail in our upcoming blogs.


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