What is Prana?

There are three forces that comes from sun

  • Fohat or electricity
  • Prana or vitality
  • Kundalini or sapient fire

Electricity has all physical forces and which are convertible such as heat, sound, chemical etc.

Prana and kundalini are still unknown to modern sciences.

All these forces remain distinct. That means none of them can be converted into each other.

Primary functions of prana is that it holds and coordinates all the cells of the physical body or a body of definite organism. Without prana our body is nothing more than a collection of independent cells.

One can see prana in the open blue sky (The vitality globule). In order to see, just fix your eyes on a clear blue sunny sky till white colorless bright dots start appearing in the sky, just like in the image below.

Prana in the Sky.

Prana appear at maximum during bright sunny day and reduces during continuous cloudy days.

Our body requires prana for all the repair works during our sleep and availability of prana starts reducing after midnight.  Therefore it is recommended to sleep at least one hour before 12 A.M. Sleeping one hour before 12 A.M is equal to sleep of 2 hours past 12 A.M. 


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