What is the Astral Body or Astral World?

Astral World

The astral body is one of the body or vehicle of a man. Just like we have a physical body to move around in this world, similarly, we have an astral body to move around the astral word.

Astral world is also termed as the Fourth Dimension. Those who are interested will find the confirmation of many theories which have formulated by geometry and mathematics.

Astral body is one of the aurae of our body and it has three main functions.

  • It is a vehicle in which we travel the astral world.
  • It expresses all our feelings, passion, desires and emotion.
  • It is a bridge between our physical brain and mind (Higher dimension).

We will see hell or heaven and what exactly they mean in the astral world. It is through the astral body we experience a dream, visions and out of body experience.

Every night when we sleep, our astral body leaves the physical body and travel the astral world. But only trained and evolved soul can remember the astral travel. Ordinary man’s brain fails to register the experience. A trained soul can live a life of unbroken conscious between days and night.

To understand the composition of this body and the astral world in detail, follow our a blog.


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