What is Theosophy?


We often speak of theosophy as not itself a religion; but the truth which lies behind all the religions. Yet from another point of view it is also a Science, Philosophy and Religion.

Philosophy : Explains the scheme of evolution of both the souls and bodies in our solar system.

Religion : Shows the course of ordinary evolution and also advices a method of shortening the course.

Science : Treats both the above subjects as matter, not as a belief. It is the direct knowledge which can be obtained by study and investigation.

Theosophy has much to tell us about the past history of a man. By studying the history of a man, we have learned that man is Divine in origin and he has long evolution behind him. We have also learned that birth and death of a man which we termed as life, which is in reality only one day of his real existence.

He has lived many such days (one day = Life span between the birth and death) and many more yet to come.

Theosophy tries to understand real life, its objective and the relation between many days that have gone and the days that are yet to come.

One of the most striking advantage of studying theosophy is that, it gives reasons and brings the light which can solve many of our problems, clears away many difficulties, accounts for injustices on life and brings order out of chaos.

Theosophy as an aspect of science applies scientific method of oft-repeated, painstaking observation and then tabulates the results and makes deduction from them. In this way it has investigated the various planes of nature, the conditions of man’s consciousness during life and after death.

These matters are not vague guesses or tenets of faith but based upon direct and oft-repeated observations of what happens.

Some of the observations demand a highly developed soul which might be beyond the ken of ordinary man of the world. It advises that the man accepts these observations as hypothesis in initial stages till he develops enough to validate the observations and to understand the drama of life which is being played before him.

It might be asked what are the main points which emerges from the investigation?

They have been summoned up into three main heads

  1. The soul of a man is immortal and its future growth has no limits.
  2. Each man is his own absolute lawgiver, his glory and his gloom is decided by himself. The decree of his life, his rewards, his punishment.
  3. The principle which gives life dwells in us and without us, it’s not seen, or heard, or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desire perception.

 Putting above 3 points shortly it means; God is good, the soul is immortal and what we sow we must reap.

If man understands the immutable laws and cooperates with them, he will advance rapidly and will be happy. If he doesn’t, it will delay his progress and might be miserable.

But there is no possibility of escaping the amount of work required. It’s like man climbing a mountain with a load on his back, he can either take a steep uphill climb which can shorten his duration or take a road with gentle slope. Precisely the same number of foot-pounds must be exerted. But taking shorted steep climb he will reduce the time required to reach the top of a mountain and also he will reduce the problems which might arise due to the extended time spend on climbing mountain.

The Eternal souls website tries to compiles all the observations which are observed by developed souls on their books and tries to present it to the audience in easy and concise comprehension.

{Source – A textbook of Theosophy by C.W. Leadbeater}


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